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Face Painting Membership

Face Painting

- We will review all the equipment and necessary supplies you need to be a Face Painter, including the best brands of paints, brushes, sponges, etc. to purchase    and where to get them.

- I will show you simple to advanced designs and let you practice  as much as you like with my kit within 3 hours from the time we start.

- I will   gauge where you are at technique wise and    estimate   your  level of skill to understand what    is needed  to progress accordingly.

-   I will help you improve with tips and if you are awesome let you know your are job ready. 

-   If you are tired we can end early or    continue all 3 hours. I promise, time will fly!

- Lastly, if you are interested, I can explain and teach the business side of things to you, including building your brand on various platforms, where to network with other artists and entertainers, how to work with agents, score gigs   and    negotiate your price.

- This will open a world of opportunities for future jobs for you if you are willing to put in the effort.


Discover Face Painting Classes

People who want to learn a fun and lucrative skill should take the time to enroll in Face Painting classes with Crystalite Designs.


I personally teach a comprehensive starter class taught privately at a public location or, if preferably, in the comfort of your home. Learn all the basics needed to start your own Face Painting business. Enjoy learning special techniques on how to apply paint effectively and turn a vision into a masterpiece.


The price for this service is $100/person and a 50% deposit is required to book and schedule your class. The Beginners Class will last 1 to up to 3 hours depending on how you take the learning. For example, If you are enjoying practicing with the paints I am willing to stay with you up to 3 hours and guide you. Your location must be in or around the D.C. Metropolitan Area. I can also add Balloon Twisting to the Face Painting Classes if you want to go the extra mile to dazzle kids and add to the fun.


To ask questions about topics in the course offered or to get assistance with booking a class, please reach out to me directly using the application form below. I strive to provide the best Children's Entertainment Service for everyone through improving events and birthday parties. Book a beginner's class today and see how much fun Face Painting and Balloon Animals can be for everyone!

Both kids' Face Painting and Balloon Twisting are fun activities that adds an element of excitement to birthday parties and family-friendly activities. Whether it's a small gathering or a festival, you can provide a fun and unique service that will thrill children and parents alike.


In addition to Face Painting, I also offer many other entertainment options for children. It's an all-in-one service that allows you to add more features to special occasions. Please browse through the Services section on the website to learn more on how to make your event an even more fabulous surprise.


Reach out today using the application on this page to start your journey and be a part of the fun!  Book my service today to learn this beautiful and admirable skill for your future events.

...classes offered in every beautiful season...

Face Painting Classes in Winter


Face Painting Classes in Spring


Face Painting Classes in Summer


Face Painting Classes in Autumn


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