The Children of 

Currently there is no foster care system established in Mexico. In a world very different than ours, many orphanages exist throughout the country.


The absence of a middle class in the 3rd world has millions of children living without many of the luxuries offered abundantly in the United States.

Among many old orphanages, there are hundreds of schools, after school programs, and day cares with children in need of love and support.

Crystalite Designs works to bring joy, fun, and laughter to children in the United States and personally funds their children's entertainment services in Mexico. 

Every child deserves a celebration for their birthday. In a place where entertainment resources are not as abundant, the parties we provide every year can put a smile on the Children of Mexico's faces over and over again.


During our visit we offer so much fun - Face Painting, Balloons, music, and a healthy snack free of charge to the little niños and niñas!

Donate today and know your charitable contribution will bring so much joy to the lives of The Children of Mexico.

The children and Crystalite Designs thank you for your support!


Nonprofit Fund

Children of MX


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The Children


Nonprofit Fund

Children of MX