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Tips for Putting Together A Children’s Birthday Party

There’s no harsher critic than unfiltered children who give their judgment and opinion unabashedly. And there’s no better time for them to do exactly this than at a children’s birthday party.

If you’re planning for one, know that this is one such event when children will be at their most discerning. They will tell you straight if they don’t like the food, or if the activities you’ve lined up for them are no fun at all. And since they are your VIP customers for this day, it’s only right that you get their approval, especially if they are the birthday celebrator.

To avoid the birthday drama, here are some helpful tips for you so you can pull off a great children’s birthday party successfully.

Location, Location, Location

Just like in real estate, finding the perfect location for the event is crucial. There are many other components of the party riding on this, such as the activities that the kids can do at the venue, as well as how many guests you can actually invite.

Is it going to be a private space, like indoors in a restaurant, or would you like to have it outdoors for a more laid back, easy-going feel?

Prep the Food, Make It Yummy

It’s a party, so definitely nothing yucky, please! Children can be very picky eaters, which is why it’s important that you present a good array of options. Fun cupcakes, candies, and other treats are hot ticket items at these events. Maybe don’t bother with the salad, anymore, or at least put it over at the other table so adults can get it for themselves.

As an important note, make sure to ask the parents whether their children have any allergies that you should watch out for. This should greatly help in minimizing the risk of them triggering an allergy and requiring medical attention for it.

Bring in the Fun

As it is a children’s birthday party, it’s most important for you to bring in activities that will make them smile and laugh, and simply have fun. If you’re bringing the party outside, you can have ball games, or set up a petting zoo where they can come and see up close to some friendly animals like goats, ponies, or even chickens.

Face painting is another popular activity at these parties. Face paints are safe and do come off easily, so you don’t have to worry about it being worn by children. What’s great about this is that children can have fun “transforming” into whatever they want to be, through the face paintings.

Butterflies, ladybugs, and flowers are among the most popular designs that kids ask for during this activity.

These are but some of the ideas you can run with when planning for a children’s birthday party. There are many more, for sure, so be diligent about doing your research, so you can stage a successful children’s birthday party!

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