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The History and Significance of Face Paint

Face paint is believed to date back to 1933 and was created by an inventor named Max Factor Sr. He created a full body paint as well as cosmetics. Face painting can also be considered similar to the “war paint” that the Native Americans used to paint their faces and bodies before they went into battle with an enemy. They used personal designs for the purpose of protection. Their face paint was considered to be a form of mental conditioning to help prepare them for battle.

In today's world, kids and adults alike enjoy face painting. They not only like to undergo different forms of face painting but also enjoy learning how to apply it to themselves and others. From face painting to full body paint or temporary tattoos, face painting has become more popular over the past decade or so in the United States.

Children have a ton of fun when they get to paint or draw on themselves or each other without getting in trouble. They know how to embrace the moment and use their imaginations to create unique designs. They also know what they want when they have someone available to them to create the art on their little faces for them. Many times, adults will hire someone to come to a birthday party to offer face painting for kids, and many artists that offer face painting show up at festivals and other fun events to offer it for the kids, adults, or both. There is no maximum age limit when it comes to face painting.

Face painting brings joy and fun to kids everywhere and also puts a smile on their faces. It is so important to everyone’s soul to lift it up with laughter and excitement which face painting provides for all ages.

The staff at Crystalite Designs work diligently to bring not only the fun but the joy and smiles to children in the United States while also funding entertainment for kids in Mexico. Since there is currently no type of foster care system set up for kids in need in the country of Mexico, kids are placed in orphanages. Funding is needed not only for the orphanages but also for the afterschool programs for the children as well as for schools and daycare centers. Crystalite Designs is working hard to help out while bringing fun and excitement to kids in the Washington DC area in the United States.

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