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Balloon Art Brings the Fun to Kids' Parties

It is a well-known fact that children not only love balloons in general but really enjoy watching a balloon artist create different characters and other things out of balloons.

Balloons are basically a bag, normally made of a rubber material, that are filled with air, hydrogen, or helium. Toy balloons can also be made of aluminized plastic and are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Balloons when simply used as decorations can liven up a party but a balloon artist really gets the party going.

What is a Balloon Artist?

It is believed by many historians that Herman Bonnert of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Was the person who first created balloon art by twisting them into shapes of different animals during a convention for magicians in the late 1930s. Other historians believe that the ancient Aztecs were actually the first balloon artists.

Balloon art, also known as balloon twisting or modelling, can be done as single balloon modelling which means the artist will use just one balloon per sculpture of an animal or other object or multiple balloon modelling in which they use more than one balloon to create their art form which many times is then presented to children especially at birthday parties, special events, and festivals. This art form has evolved over the years and balloon artists are able to create some amazing sculptures.

What is a Balloon Artist?

A person who creates balloon art is known as a balloon artist, a twister, or a balloon Bender and will often perform at a variety of places besides birthday parties, including county fairs in restaurants. Some balloon artists will inflate their balloons by blowing them up themselves by using their mouth and their own lungs which used to be necessary since that was the only way you could blow up a balloon. In today's world though, you can use an air pump that is handheld that is manual or electric that will fill the balloons up with air very quickly. Most balloon artists prefer to use air and not helium since helium is heavier than air and is harder to work with when they are twisting the balloons into the various sculptures they are creating.

Crystalite Designs

The owner of Crystalite Designs, which is located in the metro Washington DC area, is herself a balloon artist and will create amazing sculptures at birthday parties, events, fairs, and festivals. She takes requests to create certain types of sculptures to make your child's birthday party or other event an exciting and memorable one. Call for a booking today for your next party or event.

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